Friday, April 20, 2007

Racers in the 70's

This photo was taken in the early 70's at Boyd's Speedway located on the Tennessee/Georgia line.

(l to r) they are: Marty Robbins, Red Farmer, Freddy Fryar and Bobby Allison.

This particular race was sponsored by the Shriners and, as you can see, the stands were full. However, at the normal Friday night races the stands were always packed, too.

Good racing. Good racers. Good old days.
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John said...

Very cool picture!! Friends of mine just bought Boyd's this year. I am working on the website for them. Would it be OK to use this picture on the site?

Racer Dave's said...

Sure, go ahead and use the photo. I have more old racer/racing photos - some are at Boyd's in the earlier days. dave

Anonymous said...

This is a Great picture. What other pictures do you have with Boyd's Speedway on them. We are going to have an article in the Chattanooga paper and would like to use some of the pictures if that is ok.


bj said...

We'll go through the photos, scan them and try to get them posted on the blog by tomorrow night (Wed,6/6). - bj

john said...

Thanks Dave. I would like to give you credit for the pictures too. Let me know how you would like that to be done (your real name or racer dave) Our website is if you want to check it out. You can e-mail me any pictures or history at